How To Make Buying Petite Clothes Online Easy

Buying petite clothes online can be really easy if you know how to do it!

Here are some tips to make it as simple as possible for you to buy beautiful petite fashion clothes which suit you and is kind on the wallet too!

  1. Always read reviews. There are some petite women who buy clothes online without ever reading reviews on any kind of petite clothing store online – this is a cardinal sin! Do not make that mistake. Always make sure to check reviews of clothing stores as well as their reviews about a particular piece of clothing before deciding on anything. Most clothing companies online will take really amazing looking pictures and upload it onto their website. However, some of these petite clothes don’t look half as nice in real life because some of these photographs have been edited rather heavily.
  2. Make sure only to buy from reputable stores. There are a lot of small petite clothing companies and websites online, and not all of them are trustworthy. Some of them take fake photographs of their clothes and then sell a different color piece of clothes to their customers. This is commonly seen in dodgy China petite clothing stores.
  3. Make sure only to purchase using very reputable payment methods such as PayPal, VISA, MasterCard e.t.c. Do not use bank transfer to the company unless you absolutely trust them. This is especially the case if the petite clothing store you’re buying from online is from another country outside of the United States of America.
  4. Check out forums! There are many forums which will be talking all about dressing for petite women and hence reviews of petite clothes. Make sure to check them out as they are able to provide some really good recommendations from time to time. I have bought many beautiful pieces of petite clothes online from recommendations by people on online US fashion forums.

Dressing Tips For Petite Women

Being a petite woman can make dressing well very difficult. This is because most clothes do not fit too well on you (e.g. needs alteration) or make you look short.

Here are some of the best fashion tips for petite women.

If you want to read the tips instead of watching the video above, then read the following article: (The over-arching goal is to dress so that you do not look dis-jointed.)

– Wear shoes which are nude in color. This helps you look as wholesome as possible and not ‘broken up’.

– As your proportions are short vertically, you do not want to wear a thick belt or that would accentuate your shorter than usual body than other women and make you look more petite than normal. You want to wear a thin belt!

– As mentioned above, you should ideally try to wear clothes (e.g. both top and bottom) of one color.

– Just like you should not wear thick belts, you mustn’t carry big bags! Big bags would make petite women look tinier than normal and that’s certainly not something that you want.

– Wear V necks. They make your torso and neck appear longer than they really are – which makes you look less petite than you really are.

– Wearing high rise pants can help you look really good as well. Wearing low rise pants will make your legs look really short and you would look too petite if that were to happen.

– Pouf your hair up! Although it sounds ridiculous and said almost as a joke to appear taller, if you were to pouf your hair as a petite woman, it would really make you appear less petite than you are!

Alright, so the above are great tips for dressing for petite women. If you want reviews for petite clothes sold online instead, then check out

Tips for choosing a good fashion E-Commerce Website

With the aid of technology and development of internet, many retailers are rushing onto the internet to sell their products. All these smart retailers know that they will be able to reach out to a much larger pool of consumers online as compared to their physical outlets. With so many fashion E-Commerce websites these days, consumers are definitely spoil for choice.

However, remember that not all fashion E-Commerce websites are worth your time. Here are some tips to choosing a good fashion E-Commerce website for your shopping needs.

1. For petite size people, the first thing we look for is of course whether the fashion E-Commerce websites sell petite size clothing. If they do not sell petite size clothing, there is no point to hang around at the website longer – we will not be able to purchase any clothing from there anyway.

2. The second thing I will take note of is their variety of clothing. Are there many different kinds and styles of clothing available on the website? This is very important to shoppers. If the website cannot offer a diverse range of clothing to suit the customers’ tastes and preferences, the customers will be better off shopping in a website that offers that.

3. I will also consider the whole layout and structure of the website. These fashion online E-Commerce shops will be places where I will frequently visit and make purchases. The website will need to be attractive and organized, as well as pleasing to my eyes.

4. Before I officially approve the fashion E-Commerce websites to be of good quality, I will first order 1 to 3 clothes from their websites. When I receive the clothes, I will check if the sizes and quality of the clothes are accurate as described in the website. If they are, then I will be assured and would then start to make frequent purchases on the websites.

By noting down all the above points, you can find a good fashion E-Commerce website yourself! It will definitely save us a lot of time visiting one or a few E-Commerce websites than to compare various clothing in many different websites.

5 Online Places You Can Buy Petite Clothes

Here is a summary of the top 5 places to buy petite clothes online. If you want the long and full version of this post, then check out the previous link and read Prudence’s petite fashion blog.

In any case, read on to find out more:

1 – Nordstrom. Although most of the clothes that they sell are not that cheap, and are considered relatively upmarket clothes, they definitely have clothes catering to the petite women around the world! This is a great thing, as many stores in the United States are selling plus sized clothes, but they’re seemingly neglecting the petite sized clothes. Thankfully Nordstrom does cater to smaller sized women!

2 – TopShop. There must be a reason why TopShop is able to grow its business and brand so far and wide across the United States and the world within only a few decades even though it is largely a brick and mortar store. The reason is because it caters to women of all sizes, including petite women, and it also has great looking clothes. Many of the petite women I know are shopping increasingly more often at TopShop.

3 – Target. Do you want something highly affordable but looks decent too? Then definitely get your piece of clothing from Target – they have decent looking clothing at even more reasonable prices. With clothes of all styles available at Target, you can definitely find your favorite style there. They also have differing sizes and you would definitely be able to find clothes which would suit petite sized women like yourself there too!

4 – ASOS. ASOS even has an entire section on its website which is dedicated to selling petite clothes only. This spells great news for all petite women out there! Make sure you check out the great offers that they have.

5 – JC Penny. These days, nearly every large retailer is trying to enter the market for petite clothing for petite sized women. There is evidently a increasingly large demand for this.

Great styling tips for petite size women

Females all love to doll up and look beautiful and stylish in front of others. Petite women are no exception.

Here are some great styling tips for petite women:

1. Consider kids size clothing. There are some clothing brands out there that make larger than average kids size clothing. These kids size clothing may be able to fit you perfectly. Moreover, some of these kids size clothing can look really stylish and cost much lower than adult size clothing too.

2. Use layers to fake a perfect fit. When you are wearing a inner clothing which may be unfitting in some areas, you can cover them up with another layer (such as a jacket) over the areas. This will make your overall look perfectly fitting.

3. Invest in petite-friendly hangers. If you are using the standard size hangers, chances are that you may be stretching your clothing, especially at the shoulders area. This will cause unnecessary stretched marks, leaving behind a unfitting clothing for you.

4. Pair same-colors bottoms and shoes to appear taller. This matched color fashion tip will give illusions to others to make you seem taller to them, a thing that petite women desires!

5. Invest in a good pair of high heels to make yourself seem taller to others. This is a no-brainer. You can make yourself taller by wearing high heel shoes. Period.

6. You should also experiment with a head-to-toe nude clothing that will give others illusions of your body looking longer. In a way, it will make you seem taller as well.

7. Consider vertical lines on your clothing to give a leaner look.

If you would like to know more great tips for petite women, I would suggest these two websites below.

1. Buzzfeed
2. In Style

Both of them are big, reputable fashion websites with thousands and millions of readers worldwide. Their articles and insights are credible and innovative.

Welcome to my fashion blog – Martial Forums

Welcome everyone to my fashion blog – Martial Forums.

I am dedicating this blog to all the petite women out there in the world who is continuously facing the same problem as me – having huge difficulty finding the right-sized clothing of our liking. I was petite sized ever since I was a child. Being smaller than the average sized people, I encountered many challenges – feeling and looking weaker physically, getting my visions blocked by taller people in front of me, and unable to get anyone’s attention who is standing far away from me if I am inside a crowd. However, the most irritating problem I had was that huge difficulty to find a suitable clothing that match my style and size.

As females, we all like to doll up and look good in front of others. It is our natural instinct and behavior. It is frustrating that the fashion industry is not doing enough for us as there are simply too few petite sized clothing in the market for us. While I can understand from the business point of view that why these manufacturers limit their supply of petite sized clothing (which is because the demand is much lower relatively as compared to the average sized clothing), I still feel unjust for the petite sized people like myself.

I aim to make this blog the best fashion blog for petite women!. Personally, I like the Prudence Petite Style website which is also a fashion blog dedicated for petite sized women. I hope to be able to closely replicate their success.

If you are a petite sized woman like myself, bookmark this website and visit it regularly. I will be updating this blog regularly with new content about petite clothing fashion. Treat this blog as a review site where I will be constantly giving reviews on petite sized clothing. All readers are welcomed to leave their reviews and comments in the comment boxes of the posts.