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10 Questions With Remi Morvan (2/19/2012)

10 Questions With Remi Morvan (by Darrick Patrick)

Remi "Bam Bam" Morvan is a professional mixed martial artist who has appeared in organizations such as Wreck MMA, Canadian Fighting Championship, Warrior-1 MMA, Freedom Fight, Xtreme MMA, Phoenix Fight Promotions, TKO Major League MMA, and Geran Haga. At the time of this interview, his next scheduled match is against Phil Harris in Cage Warriors Fighting Championship at CWFC 46 on February 23rd, 2012.

Darrick: What was the journey that led you to professional mixed martial arts competition?

Remi: My journey began after college when I was in need of something to do. I've been competing since a very young age in anything I could participate in. I had seen all the UFC events and knew that I wanted to try Jiu-Jitsu. I joined one club that didn't follow my love for competition although they said they did before I joined up. Then, one day being online, I found a Renzo Gracie affiliate in Ottawa. I joined the very first day and never looked back.

In my first year, I traveled the USA and fought in all the BJJ tournaments I could enter. I won lots and received my blue belt just over a year after starting. That is still the fastest promotion to blue belt in our club's history, seeing as my instructor Pat Cooligan holds his schools to a high level. I entered my first fight after only about a year and a half of training. I lost late in the first round, but learned very quickly that this was something I could be good at.

Darrick: Do you have any words of advice for other individuals looking to compete in MMA?

Remi: If you are looking to jump into mixed martial arts, my advice is to give it one hundred percent or don't bother. There are too many hard working people in this sport. If you're saying you would like to try fighting someday, then you probably don't stand a chance. People don't understand the work and sacrifice that most fighters go through. On another note, if you want to go one hundred percent, then find a great team and people you can trust. With that in place the sky is the limit. I never thought I would have a career like I have when I started. If I can do it, anyone can. That is the truth.

Darrick: Who are a few of the people in the sport that you highly respect?

Remi: I have a lot of respect for my instructor Pat Cooligan and Renzo Gracie. I also have respect for any fighter who enters the cage and puts it all into the fight. This sport is not for everyone but I do respect anyone who gives it everything they have. My teammates have my highest level of respect because without them I would not be where I am today. It is not a one-man sport. All the people who help you get ready deserve recognition too.

Darrick: Your next scheduled fight is against Phil Harris on February 23rd. What are your thoughts about this upcoming match?

Remi: My next fight is a great challenge. I don't have much information on Phil Harris, but he is a well-rounded fighter from what I can gather. I look forward to the test and I'm confident that I'll come out with the win. I'm a big 125-pound fighter and there is nothing I haven't seen before that Harris can surprise me with. I have fought very tough fighters and I know what it takes to win.

Darrick: What brings you the most fulfillment out of martial arts?

Remi: A win. It justifies all the work and efforts everyone has put into building my skills. Knowing that all the sacrifices I make are being rewarded. Not with money or attention, but with success inside the cage.

Darrick: Who are some of the people that greatly influenced you while growing up?

Remi: My parents have been a huge influence on me. Every day I find myself becoming more and more of a mix between my mom and dad. I try to take the best characteristics each of them have and combine them to develop my values as I carry on as a father myself. I'm a family man and many of my other family members have helped me become who I am today. My father and two of his brothers are Karate Black Belts and have truly influenced the fighting spirit I have.

Darrick: Outside of MMA, what are your other interests?

Remi: My interests are mainly my kids. I have a boy and girl now. When I'm not training, I love being with them. I golf, wakeboard, and enjoy time with my friends and family. I don't have a lot of free time seeing as I have a full-time job with a family-run health care agency. I'm a licensed real estate agent and I train six days a week, so you can imagine how much I enjoy my free time with my two kids and my fiancée.

Darrick: When you're no longer amongst the living, how would you most like to be remembered?

Remi: When I'm gone, I want the mixed martial arts world to remember me as a fighter who never picked his fights and always fought the toughest guys out there. I'm not one to pad my record. For the rest of the world, I want to be remembered as a good father and an all-around great guy who always helped his friends and family when they needed him.

Darrick: Tell us something about you that most people don't know.

Remi: Before my career in mixed martial arts, I had never been in a fight...ever. Little scuffles, but never in a one-on-one fight. My first MMA fight was the first time in my life that I stood toe-to-toe with someone else.

Darrick: What is your oldest memory?

Remi: oldest memory. The one that sticks out is from a trip to Florida where I was picked out of the crowd because I was the smallest, scrawniest kid in the audience. I lifted a sword from the stone after all the strong guys had already tried. (Laughs) Like the kids movie. I think I was five or six years old.


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